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How can we help you?

Digital transformation

User Research
This begins with understanding the needs and behavior of customers (and prospects). This can be done through surveys, interviews, and other forms of research.
Digital Opportunity Mapping
In doing so, we map the possibilities of digital technologies to identify and exploit new opportunities. We compile these opportunities into a digital roadmap for the coming years.
Innovation (ideation)
This is the process of generating new ideas during design sprints with employees, customers or partners.
Digital Business Modeling
This involves designing new products or services to fit the digital world. This may mean, for example, developing new revenue models or finding new ways to reach customers.

Digital architecture

Digital landscape
Our experts assess your current digital architecture and make recommendations for a future-proof technology landscape that supports both legacy and innovative tracks.
Cloud solutions for cost-effective and scalable software operations. Our Cloud experts help you leverage the latest Cloud technologies to optimize performance, security and flexibility while reducing operational costs. Pay only for what you use!
Infrastructure / DevOps
We provide infrastructure and DevOps solutions for reliable, secure and scalable software operations. Our experts provide seamless integration, deployment and continuous improvement so you can focus on your core business.
Our experts create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces aligned with your business goals that optimize user engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased user adoption and retention.

Digital accelerator

Web applications
We build web applications and web platforms fully integrated into your IT landscape and with a great user experience for your employees and/or customers.
Mobile applications
70% of Internet traffic is mobile and requires a specific approach. Our mobile experts develop mobile applications for you in the latest technologies.
We build small and large websites with a great user experience and a high conversion rate so that your goals within marketing, sales, HR,... can be realized.
Digital tools
We build all types of digital tools that make you unique in the market and integrate with your existing IT landscape.

Training & coaching

Knowledge sharing is central at Lemon. We share our knowledge with our customers on a daily basis and support them with customized training if required.
Our training doesn't stop with one-time training, we continue to support your employees with day to day coaching so they continue to learn continuously.
Lemon Academy
Our own teams share knowledge daily within our Lemon Academy (snackable leaernings, Lemonaries, Tech Talks,...). If our customers wish to build their own team, there are opportunities to access our Lemon Academy.
Learning organization
We help our clients evolve into a learning organization where all employees are continuously learning.